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Products - ROICware sports betting & horse racing software

Australian Horse racing software with a difference. It's affordable!! Have you ever wanted a fully featured horse racing software program without the usual five or ten thousand dollar price tag? Your wait is over....

We bring you the ROICware horse racing software!

Now we have all heard of the software companies charging ridiculous amounts of money for racing systems. Have you yourself been contacted by one of these companies and in turn have begun to scour the internet for a similar yet cheaper product? Well....if so.....you have found it! Our software does all the things the ten thousand dollar "investment" programs do....for a fraction of the cost of course!
Whether you are using the horse racing industry to make money, or to maximise your chances of winning, cutting edge software is needed. Just don't spend $10,000 to do it!!

Please feel free to view at some of the ROICware screenshots and the online demonstration on the right hand side of the website. If after viewing the screenshots and online demonstration you would like to have a live demonstration please contact us and we can arrange a suitable time for you. No pressure, no slick sales gimmicks and no promises of tens of thousands of dollars profit. You will simply see the software perform under live multimedia conditions and grasp what an amazing tool that it actually is.

UPDATE** Online Demo.. click here

You can check out what some of the existing ROICware users have had to say about the program.

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